Trip planner

Vooom trip planner

The concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) combined with the huge popularity of mobile devices will revolutionize the way people move in cities in the coming years. The increasingly complex transport ecosystem consisting of public transport vehicles (buses, trams, subway), shared cars / scooters / electric scooters / bicycles, taxis and companies offering passenger transport, thanks to advanced ICT systems will be turned into a simple service of moving between point A and B.

The key element that will enable the actual implementation of the MaaS concept is the trip planner, which will take into account the specificity of individual vehicles (their availability), user's preferences and priorities (choice of means of transport depending on the weather, luggage, company, etc.), emergent effects (effects of recommending this the solution / route for many users simultaneously) and finally the costs.

Dynamic route planning

The main goal of the project is to expand the existing Vooom application with elements enabling dynamic route planning taking into account many variables, optimization of trip costs (both for single tip and multiple trips per week / month), as well as ensuring fair treatment of entities providing transport services. An additional task will be to develop innovative elements of the graphic interface for mobile devices, which will enable the user to understand the transport options.

The value of the project is almost PLN 4 million, of which almost PLN 2.9 million will be financed from the European Union under the Intelligent Development Operational Program (Fast Track Competition).

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Program. The project is implemented as part of the Fast Track Path National Research and Development Center competition.

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