Guide to Mobility Budget

Start using the Mobility Budget

Step by step guide

Follow 7 simple steps to start using the Mobility Budget:

Receive the first message from Vooom

Upon joining the program, you will receive an e-mail to the address provided in the application containing your login for the application and a one-time password for the __ account created by us__.

Go through the introductory screens

You will learn the most important information on how to best use Vooom.

Log in to the application

Select __ "Log In" __ at the bottom of the screen and enter your email and password from step 1. If you skip logging in, you can return to it at any time in the application's Settings.

Change password

After logging in for the first time, you must set a new password for your Vooom account.

Your password should be at least 8 characters.

Enter your Polish bank account number

On this account you will __ receive refunds__ for your refunded trips on Vooom under __ Mobility Budget.

Connect operator accounts to a Vooom account

In the next step, you can connect the accounts you have previously created in the operators' applications with the Vooom account. If you do not have accounts in operators' applications, create them, and then connect to Vooom application. The operation is one-time. Thanks to this, you can rent vehicles directly in the application, and the employer will reimburse your journeys with these operators. The operators currently available are: Innogy Go !, Hop.City and Blinkee. More operators are on their way.

To connect accounts, press __ "Connect" __ and log in with the selected oberator (the login screen will open in the Vooom application). Repeat the same steps to connect the accounts of other operators. At any time, select __ "Let's go" __ - we will then take you to the map.

! [Vooom secure passwords] (//

Travel with Vooom every day!

If your employer has topped up your account, you can see how much money you have left in Vooom settings.

The fare for journeys is charged __ from your payment card__ and regularly __ reimbursed directly to your bank account, up to the agreed limit. If you exceed this amount, we will inform you about it in future rentals. __Exceeding the agreed quota does not mean that you cannot rent via Vooom - the rides will simply not be refunded.