Mobility as a Service

MaaS (Mobility as a Service) are new models of urban transport

  1. Plan
  2. Book
  3. Pay for the trip

This model reflects the return of travelers traveling in the direction of transport, which does not involve the possession of the vehicle, but with the possibility of renting it or using transport services.

With growing up urbanization, the need for more efficient mobility increases

The greater need for movement is associated with many challenges for Polish city authorities

Minimizing air pollution

Reducing traffic jams and noise

Providing good quality urban space

Improving public transport

Caring for the environment is better communication habits

The need for ecological transport

According to the WHO study, 33 out of 50 (almost 67%) of the most polluted European cities are in Poland. This creates increasing pressure to develop cleaner modes of transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are open to new solutions

Advances in GPS technology, communications, payments within mobile applications, battery life and the ubiquity of smartphones encourage Polish citizens to try alternative, usually more environmentally friendly, methods of daily communication.

A growing number of Poles choose cycling, more often not as a form of practicing sport, but as a convenient means of transport to work. Inhabitants of larger cities eagerly use vehicles rented for minutes, such as unpedaled scooters or scooters.

Fewer private cars mean smaller traffic jams and better urban space

By promoting and facilitating access to alternative forms of travel, city authorities can significantly affect the quality of life of residents

1 car per minute replaces 5-15 private ones

8 m2

zajmowanej przestrzeni


40-120 m2

zajmowanej przestrzeni

Development of pedestrian streets and shopping districts

On the space saved by creating fewer parking lots, more space can be created for people, such as pedestrian streets, parks and shopping areas. Thanks to this, more people will take to the streets, and this in turn will contribute to the growth of public life.

Opportunity for sellers

A shopping street with loud, intense car traffic means fewer pedestrians. Parking spaces are not enough for everyone, which is why stores have fewer customers.

Better pedestrian access means more revenue for sellers.

Complementing urban transport

Access to the center from the suburbs

More and more people are moving from the city center to the suburbs, fulfilling the dream of a family home with a garden and escape from smog and noise. Because access by public transport may be more difficult in such areas, many of these people decide to travel by car to work in the center. As a result, pollution, traffic jams and noise inside cities increase even more.

Combining means of transport

For those who have the furthest, it is helpful to be able to connect vehicles for minutes with public transport in Vooom. Users can, for example, get a metro scooter to catch the bus to work. The application allows you to observe public transport live and choose the most convenient option at any given time.

The main benefits of combining rented vehicles with public transport include:


All means of communication on one map. One account and I don't have to click between many applications


Whenever I need to, I will find a means of transport within a 5-minute walk and I will easily park after renting


I can freely combine shared vehicles with public transport, thanks to which I always get there quickly and efficiently

Support for vehicle operators for minutes

Rental comfort means more users and trips

Each new vehicle operator for minutes is another application on traveling phones. People discouraged from installing many applications may be limited to using several operators instead of using the entire range of vehicles available for minutes.

Thanks to the easy rental of vehicles supported by various operators in Vooom, users can easily use the vehicle nearest to them.

Join the Vooom ecosystem and see how communication in your city is improving

Continuous aggregation

The number of operators whose vehicles can be rented using only Vooom is growing.

Combined Transport

Public transport is integrated with other means of transport, which gives travelers more opportunities

Deep cooperation

Using the data obtained, Vooom supports businesses, vehicle operators for minutes and city authorities