Mobility Budget

Cost-effective and convenient commute for employees

We believe that the most effective means of achieving this goal is to combine the efforts of employers of private companies and their employees.

It is a philosophy in line with the strategy of sustainable transport that can greatly enrich operations towards Corporate Social Responsibility.

Benefits offered by employers matter

Better position in the war for talents

More effective and faster recruitment processes, especially for young talents

Beneficial effect on productivity

Benefits resulting from Mobility Packages allow employees to better focus on work

More hearts and minds won

Reducing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction

Greater sense of commitment

The positive feelings of employees make them eager to identify with the company

Improving the employer's image

Building a company seen as an "employer of choice"

Increased loyalty

Running a responsible business means greater trust and loyalty of employees

What do employers offer and what do employees expect?

Employers should tailor benefits to the real needs of employees

Employees are more inclined to benefits that allow them to save on everyday expenses, such as shopping or transport. As you can see in the chart beside, the motivation system is not always adapted to the needs of employees, and one of the most neglected allowances by employers is the financing of commuting. The data on the chart comes from the study: Benefits through employees' eyes

Generations X and Y value benefits more

Many young Poles declare that they lack pay supplements

Almost half (43%) of people between 18 and 29 years of age indicate that at this point at work they lack benefits more than increases. For comparison - among people over 40, only 30% of respondents identify with this statement.

The new generation that is now entering the labor market is much more demanding and assertive. In addition to finances, it draws attention to the possibility of developing and realizing its passions and additional benefits. The level of social responsibility of the future employer and its impact on the environment are also important for young people.

The employee market requires benefits - HBRP

Conducting socially responsible business

City stakeholders

The priority of all activities is a resident, because he is the user of the city. However, only in a tripartite arrangement between the city authorities, employers and residents is it possible to achieve a synergy effect.

Activities of this type accelerate development and act in favor of the natural environment

Employers influence the development of cities

There are traffic jams in the morning. Why? Because people go to work. In the afternoon they return home - the situation repeats. The influence of employers on cities - especially large companies employing hundreds and thousands of people - sometimes escapes public attention, but in fact it is overwhelming.

Corporate Social Responsibility as a positive impact on customer feelings towards the company

Source: CSR Barometer, Maison Research House and SGS Polska, 2013

Do it with Vooom and your employees will love you

Mobility packages in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model are a new form of non-wage benefit - the desire for comfortable commuting.


All means of communication on one map from which I can rent and pay for them, without having to click between many applications


Whenever I need to, I will find a means of transport within a 5-minute walk, and I will easily park after renting


I can freely combine shared vehicles with public transport. Thanks to that I always get to my destination quickly and efficiently

Vooom as a benefit. How it's working?

By logging into the application with a company account, the employee gains access to a subscription to any public transport, including vehicles for minutes, in his city.

Registration of employee accounts in Vooom

Payment of a subscription for trips

Employees commute to work, choosing the best means of transport every day