Vooom – One app to ride the City

  • buses
  • trams
  • cars
  • scooters
  • bicycles
on one map

Why Vooom?

Vooom is a mobile app that will help you get around the city quickly and efficiently

All shared vehicles and public transport on one map

Cars, scooters, bicycles, taxis, public transport at your disposal in one place. Always at hand you when you need them.

Rent vehicles and buy tickets in one app

You can reach your destination without clicking between multiple apps.

Plan your trip using all available means of transport

Freely connect vehicles for minutes with public transport, the timetable of each stop can be found on the Vooom map. We give you a choice.

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Media about Vooom

By bike, by bus, by tram, by scooter or by scooter? It doesn't matter what we drive. In the Vooom application, all possible means of transport can be found on one map.


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